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Church Life Meeting (Feb. 11, 2018)

Our next church life meeting is schedule for Sunday, February 11, 2018. After the 10:30 am service, we’ll have a light lunch followed by our meeting. We’ll review highlights of 2017 and celebrate God’s faithfulness. All are welcomed. (members can vote).

98th Anniversary Service

Join us for MBC’s 98th birthday, featuring our guest speaker Erinn Oxford (pastor of The Dale Ministries). We’ll celebrate with lunch after the service. All are welcomed!

Christmas Cantata 2017

Check out the Christmas cantata performed by the choir on December 17, 2017.

Avalanche 2018

Our youth group is scheduled to go to CBOQ Youth’s winter retreat “Avalanche”. Here are some details:

  • date: January 19-21, 2018
  • place: Muskoka Woods, Rosseau, ON
  • While the age group for Avalanche is grades 6-8, we are extending it to grade 9 students this year. Also, those who are older can join as jr. leaders.

What do you need to do?

You’ll receive additional details via email in the coming weeks. You can also find more details about Avalanche on the CBOQ Youth website.

Any questions, please contact Alvin.

Pastor Joshua Chuang retirement celeration

On Sunday, April 2, we celebrate a great friend and servant of God. Pastor Joshua has had a faithful ministry among us resulting in many lives being brought to faith in Christ. He has not only been a disciple maker but a maker of, disciple makers. We are profoundly grateful for his service among us.

Please join us as we thank God for Pastor Joshua during our service and our luncheon.

Accessibility Lift Timeline


To accommodate and/or relocate ministries and programs using our facility during the accessibility lift renovations.

The overall construction timeline for the accessibility renovation is 4 months. However, for the first 10 weeks or so, we will not able to access the front entrance of the church. There will be no use of the general use washroom at front entrance for most of the term of the construction. Access to building and the two levels will be restricted to the side back door and staircase.

Ministries and groups (Sunday service, Mandarin ministries and service, choir practice, youth group and children’s church) and external users (Girl Guides, Mimico Children’s Choir, piano teachers) may need to modify their use of the building or relocate during these 10 weeks.

– Since only 1 doorway is available, fire regulations require no more than 60 persons in the building at one time.
– Only 1 washroom (i.e. what’s currently labelled as the ladies’ washroom) will be available.
– Limited to the one staircase at kitchen end of building.
– We are still determining if any further restrictions made by contractor or insurance.
– Entrance to building will need to be up the driveway around back of building to side back door.
(Please note: because our architect is not available until March 9, there may be additional changes to this proposal.)

The Mimico Presbyterian Church (MPC) has kindly made available to us the use of the Donald Hendry Hall and basement hall to accommodate our morning worship and children’s church. They could accommodate our Mandarin service too if they choose not to continue on site during construction. MPC will has offered to support and accommodate us and our groups as much as they can and are needed.

March 5: Timeline announcement at member’s meeting; blog post available on website
March 6: External users will be notified of MBC’s plans. They will determine whether they wish to relocate or use the building with restrictions.
March 12-April 16: A bulletin announcement will be posted.
March 20: MBC ministries will notify Pastor Jim of any considerations they need including relocation if applicable.
March 26: Any final revisions to the relocation timeline will be posted online.

late March: Test MPC hall setup (sound, chairs, LCD)
March 26: A hard copy of the revised blog post will be posted in the church bulletin board and fellowship hall.
March 31: A checklist for the MPC hall set up will be created.
April 1: An outdoor banner indicated construction and the Sunday service relocation will be installed. The building permits will be posted outside.
April 4: All items will be cleared from construction areas.
April 17: Construction begins.

Note: Details of this timeline are subject to change. (March 5, 2017)

The Lenten Challenge

The Lenten Challenge

The season of Lent begins today and continues to Easter weekend. It is a time of faith renewal. It begins humbly in the ashes of repentance and grows with intensity as it approaches Christ’s death and resurrection. This is a time for you to awaken and deepen your faith. We would like to give you three challenges. Over these 7 weeks we encourage you to the following:

  1. Regular attendance to Sunday worship.
  2. Participation in the community Wednesday evening Lenten services at Martin Luther Lutheran Church.
  3. Reading through the Gospel of John.

Here is some detail:

  • Sunday Worship: When you are away you are missed. As the Body of Christ we need one another to mutually encourage and to joyfully celebrate. Please commit to coming as often as you are available during Lent. We are taking a fresh look at the Gospel of John. Details of services are on our website.
  • Wednesday Night Community Lenten Services hosted by our Mimico Churches and held at the Lutheran Church at Lake Shore and Superior from 7:00 – 7:40 pm. With Word, art and music we reflect together on the events and themes of the passion story.
  • The Gospel of John (the Fourth Gospel) is a book about new beginnings. It is our book of study for the beginning of 2017. Perhaps you can read half a chapter each day (and be complete by Good Friday). It would benefit you to read it with fresh eyes during these weeks.

We hope you’ll take the Lenten Challenge.

“Love of Hymns” fundraiser

“Love of Hymns” Fundraiser

Sunday, February 26, 2017, 6:30-8:00pm

We will be showing a documentary/drama of the story behind 5 well-loved hymns, including What a Friend, It is Well with My Soul, Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art and Silent Night. Knowing the stories behind these, and what inspired their writing makes it all the more meaningful when you sing the words.
Popcorn and Pop/Juice will be served. The movie duration is 90 min. Since this is a fundraising event, we suggest a minimum donation of what you might pay for a movie and popcorn at a theatre as part of the freewill offering. All proceeds go to our accessibility lift project.
Come and enjoy and inspiring night!

“Love of Hymns” rescheduled

“Love of Hymns” night originally scheduled for last Sunday was cancelled because of the storm. It is now rescheduled for Sunday, February 26 at 6:30pm.

Proceeds of this fundraiser go to the cost of our accessibility lift project.

Special Christmas Services and Events

Along with our services, there are other events for you to participate in the celebration of Christmas. We’d encourage you to join some of these.
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Santa Clause Parade
Date: Saturday, December 3
Time: 10:00 AM

For more information:
13th Annual Mimico by the Lake Tree Lighting
Date: Sunday, December 4
Time: 4:30 – 6 PM

Location: Mimico Square (foot of Mimico Ave & Lakeshore Blvd W)
Bring a handmade decoration for the tree.
Holidays and Hope – Candlelight Service of Remembrance.
Date: Wednesday, December 7
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Assembly Hall (Kipling and Lakeshore)
A service sponsored by Ridley Funeral Home and led by Pastor Jim Sanderson for those grieving a loss at Christmas.
Christmas in Mimico Community Carol Concert
Date: Sunday, December 11
Time: 3:00-4:00 pm
Location: Mimico Presbyterian Church (119 Mimico Ave at Royal York Ave)
Local musicians and choirs gather to celebrate Christmas with beautiful music! Join in for sing along carols and hear professional soloists. Tickets and details available soon at