Church Council

Mimico Baptist Church has a church council and ministry team facilitators to oversee the day to day operations. These members are elected by the membership at Mimico Baptist Church.
Council Chair: Gary Nelson
Treasurer: Peter Qi
Clerk: Denise Sura
Worship Rep: vacant
Worship Facilitator: Laura Thomas
Mission & Outreach Rep: Linying Liu
Mission & Outreach Facilitator: vacant
Property Reps: Carmencita Soan
Property Facilitators: John and Joyce Wiseman
Stewardship & Administration Rep: Catherine Lu
Stewardship & Administration Facilitator: vacant
Congregational Care Reps: Brigitte Bommer and Angela Barnes
Congregational Care Facilitator: Dorrette McLennon
Christian Education Rep: Alvin Lau
Christian Education Facilitator: Jennifer Sanderson
Children’s Church Coordinator: Dougal Smith
If you wish to contact any of our Reps or Facilitators, please email Pastor Jim Sanderson.