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Hard Questions (Feb-Mar 2014)

Join us as we try to answer ?  Hard Questions:

I know you have them.  Those nagging but troubling questions.  Mysteries that cause doubts about and even destruction of our faith.  I want to hear your questions and together explore the possible answers.  On February 9th we will begin a series of messages each attempting to deal with a hard question.  I hope you will join us.

February 9th 11:00  What about the Wrath of God?  Amos 4 – In the Old Testament especially, sometimes God seems so grumpy.   Is our God ill tempered with an anger management problem?  Jesus was angry enough to over turn tables and chase people out of the temple.  Fear of God’s wrath caused the prophet Habakkuk to pray, “In wrath, remember mercy.” Let us together come to the mercy seat of God.

February 16th 11:00  Evolution or God? Are we the result of progressive random developments of life taking place over enormous periods of time?  Did we and all life naturally evolve without any supernatural design or purpose? Many have dismissed God as unnecessary believing science has all the answers.  Is God just a delusion?  These are big questions to which (in a brief period of time) we hope to provide some light.

February 23rd 11:00 What about the other religions?  Is it not a little arrogant for Christians to claim that Christ is the only way to God?  Can there not be many paths to God?   There are good and sincere devotees of other faiths in our world.  What does God say about them?  In our multicultural pluralistic city these are important questions.

March 2nd 11:00 Why so much suffering?  If God is loving and powerful why doesn’t he end the suffering in the world? This is the question that has been the ruin of many people’s faith.  How does one reconcile these two realities? It seems appropriate to try and answer these questions on a day that we are remembering the suffering of God – the death of Christ on the cross.

March 9th 11:00  What is Truth?  How or even can we know what is true?  Is truth the majority opinion?  Is it what I choose to believe because it is true for me? If there are objective truths, we should know what they are and how to know them.  Should our lives be directed by our passions, desires, needs, wants, preferences, dreams, the crowd or….?

March 16th 11:00  Does God promote violence?  There are passages in the bible where God commands the destruction of peoples or places.  Some of what we read of God’s instructions seems so out of character.  How are we to understand these passages? The stories so famous and even told to our children like Noah’s Ark and the battle of Jericho include terrible loss of life.   What do these passages tell us about God?

March 23rd 11:00  Generation Trust (Psalm 78:1-8) What defines a youth ministry? It may not be with you’ve always pictured. Let’s explore what are the (subtle) core elements that define a youth ministry for the church. (Guest speaker: Rev. Alvin Lau)

March 30th 11:00  Sovereignty vs. Free will  Is everything that happens – good or bad – the will of God?  Is God sovereign and controlling?  Is there free will?  Who is in charge any way?

Heaven’s Kitchen – Children’s Church February 2014!

Hey parents,

I want to see your child(ren) enjoy and benefit from an exciting program being planned for our Children’s church in February. The theme is, “Heaven’s Kitchen” and will focus on nourishment – nourishment of the body and the soul. Yours may be among the children we are missing and the children who are missing out. Please bring them out for some great soul food. 11:00 am Sunday mornings.
Hope to see you all Sunday

Pastor Jim

Team leaders for Heaven’s Kitchen are Dougal Smith and Christine Campbell

Upstairs we will be addressing a new series trying to answer the “hard questions”.

January 2014 Services

Mimico Baptist Church Worship Services and Children’s Church start at 11am

….for such a time as this? The Story of Esther – Queen of Persia

Over three Sundays – January 12, 19 and February 2 we will enter into the remarkable tale of a Jewish orphan girl and her bizarre journey to the throne room of the most powerful person on earth at the time – Xerxes – King of Persia.  The events of this journey will engage all your sense and emotions.  The twists and turns of this story will leave you dizzy. Esther becomes uniquely but perilously positioned to save the lives of her people.  Though God is never mentioned in the story his presence is discernable as it is in our own lives if we have the eyes of faith.  Come along for the ride but hold on.

Sunday January 12th 11:00 am: Esther 1 – 3.   The Story Unfolds:  We enter into the strange world of a self centered King flaunting his wealth, power and even – rather unsuccessfully – his Queen.  It is decided that a new Queen is in order.  An orphan Jewish girl is chosen to be the new Queen and she and her cousin Mordecai manage a good turn for the King.  Things begin to get ugly when Haman enters the story. Questions arise and also anticipation.

Sunday January 19th 11:00 am: Esther 4 – 7.  Tables Turned:   A dramatic and ironic reversal of fortunes takes place.  How this happens is cause for wonder.  Is there a great hand at work behind the scenes?  This story helps us to recognize and to seize the unique opportunities our circumstances provide.

Sunday January 26th 11:00 am:  94th Anniversary Service:  To help us celebrate we will hear from members of our church their stories of faith and the place of our Church in their lives.  Service will be followed by a light lunch.  More details to come.

Sunday February 2nd 11:00 am:  Esther 8-10. Purim:  The dramatic events of this story and the rescue of the Jews was so incredible that a festival called Purim was established to keep the story alive and to encourage the people.  The theatrics associated with the festival are to boo the villains and to cheer the heroes.  Come join in the dramatic conclusion of the story of Esther and consider its significance for us.

Children’s Church:  Kids will not want to miss the exciting program being offered in Children’s Church for the month of January.

Childrens Church puppet video – December 2013

The children at Mimico Baptist Church present the story of Elisha and the widow (2 Kings 4:1-7).

MBC Children’s Church: 2 Kings from Mimico Baptist on Vimeo.

December 2013 Services

Advent and Christmas Services 2013

Lives Transformed by Christmas
Those who want to push Christ out of Christmas are missing the heart of it. We invite you to draw close to the Christ over these weeks of Advent that celebrate his coming.  The coming of Christ to the world not only changed the course of history it has down through the ages changed billions of lives.  Those who take time with Jesus and his message find themselves becoming new.  Values, character, passions, practices are all slowly transformed in life giving ways.  As Jesus comes to us small and as a baby so our faith small as a tiny seed has a subtle start but when nurtured – growth happens.  Through the season of Advent and in our Christmas services we will take time with Jesus to nurture the transformative effects of his word and the Spirit in our lives.  Please join us for the services detailed below.

Children and Christmas – special attention is given to the children in the opening part of the service before they are dismissed for Children’s church.  We will be lighting the Advent candles and setting up a nativity scene as we unfold the Christmas story each week.

December 1st –Hope – (Isaiah 9:2; 1 Peter 1:3-9).   Before the coming of Christ there was a deep longing and an anticipation that God was going to do something.  This expectation was fuelled by hope; and this hope was fuelled by the promises  of God.  The coming of Christ would both fulfill and increase this hope.  We learn today how this hope can help to shape our lives and living.   Christ brings hope to you.  1st Sunday in Advent – candle of Hope

December 8th – Peace – (Isaiah 9:6, 7; Colossians 1:19-23; John 26:33) -Peace is a diligently sought but sadly elusive reality.  We live in a broken world of stress and turmoil robbing us of peace both within and without.  Christ is called the Prince of Peace and promises a peace but not as the world gives it.  Come embrace the Peace (Shalom) that Jesus gives.  Peace be with you.  2nd Sunday in Advent   – candle of Peace

December 15th Cantata – Bethlehem’s Child – Nothing brings an expression of joy like a good song.  At the birth of the Saviour the angels came with good news of great joy and the angel host singing “Glory to God in the highest.”  Today our choir presents a celebration of this great event in song.  (Luke 2:8-14)  3rd Sunday in Advent – candle of Joy

December 22rd – Love – (John 3:16; Luke 1:67-79) It is of course wonderful and desirable to be loved.  The message of Christmas announces the love of God for the world and for you.  But there is in the message of Christmas also a call to be one who loves – to be loving of others.  Let us have our hearts enlarged by the message and practice of Christ.  4th Sunday in Advent – candle of Love

December 24th 6:30 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – Birth – (Luke 2:4-20: Romans 8:18-24a) Join us for this wonderful family and community service.  Birth and new life are events of miracle and mystery.  The birth of Jesus was a lot of both.  The quiet and humble birth of Jesus would begin the events that are bringing new birth to the planet – and a re-birth of lives.  Let us celebrate this new life.  – 5th Sunday in Advent – candle of Christ.  Service is followed by Apple Cider and light refreshments

December 29th Appreciating Our Gifts – John:12,13: Luke 2:25-40)  It would be a shame to receive a generous and carefully chosen gift provided at great expense and then not to enjoy it.  On this side of Christmas let us consider whether this gift of Christ has been received and what that means as we move into a new year.  Blessed are we all.  Welcome.

January 5th – Epiphany  “The Shepherd”(Isaiah 60:1-6; Matthew 2:1-12’ Micah 5:2) When the Magi came looking for the One born King of the Jews, they were quoted a scripture that spoke of a shepherd.  At the beginning of a new year let’s be sure that we are under the care and guidance of the good shepherd.  Together in Christ we enter a new year.

December 2013 Events

Church and community Events

Sunday Dec. 1st 5:30 pm Church Family Christmas Dinner and Program:  Turkeys and beverages provided – rest of meal is pot luck.  Please join us for a great evening of food and carols.  We will decorate the sanctuary and the children will decorate the tree.  Details to come.

Sunday Dec 1st 4:30 pm  Mimico Community Tree Lighting Ceremony – Amos Waites Park.

Sunday Dec 1st 4:30 pm Carolfest at Walmer Road Baptist Church – (Spadina and Bloor)  Features a mass choir,TC3, Handbell Choir, a Jazz soloist and more.  Meet with the people of our Toronto Baptist Churches.

Wednesday Dec. 4th Candlelight Service of Remembrance.  A service sponsored by Ridley Funeral home , held at the Assembly Hall at 7:00 pm and led by Pastor Jim Sanderson.   A service for those grieving loss at Christmas.

Saturday Dec. 7th Lake Shore Santa Claus Parade.  10 am

Sunday Dec. 15th 3:00 pm Christmas in Mimico – at the Mimico Baptist Church and featuring: The Mimico Community Children’s Choir, Our Mimico Baptist Youth Group will perform a Christmas song, The Mimico Presbyterian Church Choir and a Carol sing-a-long.  Free will offering

Saturday Dec 21st  7:00 pm, “Longest Night Service” held at Martin Luther Lutheran Church. “Longest Night” is an old tradition.  It focuses on the darkness of the season which includes grief due to the loss of loved ones, but the darkness comes from other places too (unemployment, separation from family, etc).  A joint service of Mimico area churches and Hogle Funeral Home.

Fall 2013 Services


The substance of what one believes and lives by matters.  What is the substance of the Christian faith? Over the next number of weeks we will take into our head and hands the core materials of what is central to Christianity so we can assess their weight and consider their value.  Perhaps we will come to know the glory of God and that he is worthy of our allegiance and worship.  Will you answer the invitation of Jesus to come?
“Would you like to come to church with me?”

Sunday September 8th 11:00 am: The Gift of Prayer– Psalm 86.  You are not alone.  You have a God who loves you and desires constant fellowship with you.  It is said that God’s most frequent command to us is, “Do not be afraid.”  I wonder if the next most frequent command should be, “Talk to me.”  As we begin this new season let us go forward with both courage and communion.  Today we hear the call to prayer. 

Sunday September 15th 11:00 am: Invitation – John 1:35-51. In the lesson today we hear words of invitation from both Jesus and from one who follows him.  It is gratifying to receive an invitation as it means our presence is valued and desired.  We want to be those who both accept and also offer to others the invitation to come.  You are invited – please come. This tried and true approach has led to thousands upon thousands of people coming to faith.  Come and worship, come meet Jesus and come and learn of the potential of personally inviting a friend to church with you.

Sunday September 22nd 11:00 am:  The Cross – 1 Corinthians 1:18 – 2:5.  In the first century Paul described the message of the Crucified Christ as a stumbling block to the Jews and as foolishness to everyone else.  It may be that not much has changed so why continue this insistence on holding forth the cross?  Why is this cruel death of Jesus given so much attention?  Will we understand Paul’s conviction? “For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.”

Sunday September 29th 11:00 am:  Authority – Matthew 28:16-20. It is said that Jesus spoke with authority and he himself claimed all authority in heaven and earth.  We live in a time when people are sceptical about their leaders and authorities so who speaks with authority in your life? With so many claims today of authority from, various leaders, scholars and celebrities – who is the authority on what really matters?

Sunday October 6th 11:00 am: Conversations – Colossians 4:2-6.  There are a lot of conversations around tables in the Bible.  Meals can be great occasions to talk about the things that matter.  Today we commune and converse around the Lord’s Table.  What of your everyday conversations in home and community?  A lot can happen in a conversation. We will bring prayer and seasoning to our words.

Sunday Thanksgiving October 13th 11:00 am: Thank-you! – Colossians 3:15-17. These are the expected words when someone gives you something.  There is both a politeness and a healthiness about gratitude that enriches life.  Gratitude is a large element of worship as we come before the Great Provider – the One who gives.  Together let us appreciate our gifts.

Sunday October 20th 11:00 am: Scripture – Matthew 22: 34-40.  The scriptures have mystified and mesmerized. Can the great library of Scripture; the 66 books, written over centuries by various authors under the inspiration of God be summed up in a few words?  Hear how Jesus describes the Law and the Prophets.  They are a central dynamic of our worship and witness for their voice and power.  Come listen and learn.

Sunday October 27th 11:00 am:  God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – Iknow we talk to and about God every Sunday but today we are going to give him special focus.  This is an enormous topic for a single sermon so the focus will be on a few essential revelations.  We come humbly.

Sunday November 3rd 11:00 am:  Formation – Psalm 16. There are factors, forces and practices that shape us.  To a large degree this determines the kind of person/people we become.  We give attention to that which contributes to our spiritual formation.  “I have set the Lord always before me.  Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

Sunday November 10th 11:00 am: Confession and Forgiveness – They say that confession is good for the soul.  Admission of truth is good but we also need to hear, “Go in peace, your sins are forgiven.”  Forgiveness does not turn a blind eye to sin but takes it on directly and overcomes.  We need forgiveness so we come to Christ.

Sunday November 17th 11:00 am: Kingdom – Is it odd to think that a first century son of a carpenter would spend his days walking about within the Roman Empire announcing that the Kingdom of God is here?  This what Jesus and his disciples did with convincing words and demonstrations.  The Kingdom of God has been growing and coming ever since.  Really!?!? Thy Kingdom come…

Sunday November 24th 11:00 am:  Need – Luke 10:38 – 42.  There are a lot of things that we want.  Sometimes our appetites and cravings make us miss what we need.  The flesh is weak.  Come let us address our deepest needs as we come to the feet of Jesus in worship.

Holiday Club 2013 – Anchors Away! Video

Join the crew of the HMS Mimico as they take off to seek Jesus. Come see their adventure which features an original soundtrack. Anchors Away!

Holiday Club 2013 from Mimico Baptist on Vimeo.

Holiday Club 2013

MBC Holiday Club for children grades SK – 6

August 19 – 23, 2013

Holiday Club

Registration Form | Pictures from previous events


We want to let you know about this year’s Holiday Club for children entering Senior Kindergarten to grade 6 in the fall. The dates are mornings 9:30am – 11:45am Monday August 19 to Friday August 23.  There will be a family dinner and program the Thursday evening from 6 – 8 pm.

Camp and Dinner are held at Mimico Baptist Church. This year we are asking for a $10 donation to help us cover our expenses.

Download Registration Form Here.

Students who are older – going into grade 7 and up can apply to be junior leaders and helpers.

Holiday Club 2012