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Prayer Pals

Jemma shares about our newest initiative: Prayer Pals. Watch the video below for more info.

Daily Bread Food Bank Fundraiser (Sept-Oct 2021)

We come alongside those who are facing financial and other stresses, and use the resources of our local Daily Bread Food Bank. We join in their fundraising during September-October 2021. Please click below to send your financial support.

CBM Year in Review 2020

Assembly 2021

CBOQ held its 133rd Assembly, the annual gathering of CBOQ churches. You can review the summary e-magazine and view the 3 plenary sessions at

Breaking New Ground (Jan-Feb 2020)

God is always doing a new thing. After 100 years as a church in Mimico we don’t want to be locked into a routine or rut. The idea of breaking new ground has a number of meanings. Think of the act of cultivating soil to plant seeds. Think of the first stages of a new construction. Think of going into areas unknown. Think of trying something new. Think of following the Lord’s lead into the new reality that is our context. These are exciting times.

(Please note: All service times are 10:30 am unless otherwise stated.)

January 12: Abraham – Father of Faith (Genesis 12:1-9) In this our one hundredth year we are drawing strength, inspiration and courage to leave where we are and to follow Jesus where he would call and lead us. We look to the father of faith, Abraham, as our example. What can we learn from this great story as we continue in ours?

Devotional thought: How is your faith like Abraham’s?

January 19: Go to the place I will show you (Genesis 12:1-9) Abraham was asked to leave the familiar and to go to a place unknown and new. This required trust in the One going with and before him. This has been the path of the people of faith for millennia. As we move into our one hundredth year, what new path might we travel? 

Devotional thought: Does trying something new scare you or excite you?

January 26: Celebrating 100 years of the faithfulness of God and his people – We are pleased to welcome the Rev. Tim McCoy (Executive Minister of CBOQ) to bring our centennial message called “In All Things” (1 Peter 4:8-11). This is an historic milestone for our church.

February 2: Mystery (Isaiah 55:6-13 & Ephesians 3:1-11) There is a lot we don’t understand when it comes to how God works. I suppose he wouldn’t be much of a God if he was small enough for us to fully understand him. We, the people of faith, live with mystery. God is moves in ways that are beyond our comprehension. This brings larger dimensions to our living because with God, all things are possible.  

Devotional thought: Have you a question for God?

February 9: Love Your Church First (1 Corinthians 13) In this service we combine the themes of Valentine’s Day with the Chinese New Year. The service will be hosted and led by our Mandarin Ministry. Pastor Linying will bring the message. Service will be followed with some Chinese refreshments.

February 16: Memory (Deuteronomy 6) The Lord does not want us to forget him, nor to forget who we are because of him. The Lord gave memory aids to his people, he warned them not to forget and he sent prophets to remind them. Memory in many ways defines us and gives us our identity. How is your memory? 

Devotional thought: In the story of your life, what are the defining moments?

February 23: Mission (Genesis 12:2-3, Exodus 33:15-16, Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:16-20) The mission is God’s. He invites us to live into it and even to participate. It helps to be reminded of this as we make our mission plans. Can we begin with discerning what he is up to and then ask him how we might be involved?  

Devotional thought: What do you think the Lord is up to in your community?

Accessibility Lift – Completed Project (with pictures)

We are grateful for the completion of our accessibility lift and the ways it has extended our ministry opportunities. Below are some pictures of its completion.

Job Posting: Custodian

Mimico Baptist Church is looking for a part-time custodian to serve as part of our staff. Please send your resume/CV to Linda Hall before October 21, 2019.

General Description: The Custodian ensures the maintenance and up-keeping of the church facilities.

Reporting Relationship: Accountable to the Team Leader of the Property Team. Work in co-operation with the Property Team, the Pastor and other parties as required.

Work Schedule: (Approximately 10 hours per week)

  • 1 day a week for weekly cleaning duties.
  • Additional 1 day a week for additional basement cleaning.
  • 1 additional day a month for additional sanctuary cleaning.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Properly clean and maintain the interior of the church facilities.
  • Ensure adequate supplies are on hand.

Job Qualifications:

  • Experience in the general maintenance of property
  • Able to physically complete the assigned duties
  • High trust and compliance given the potential access to sensitive information

Hiring 2 Summer Students (Event Planners)

We are excited to be looking for two post-secondary students for summer positions as event planners through the Canada Student Jobs grant.

You can see the posting by clicking here.

Many Recognitions

Pastor Joshua, Jan and Linying with Pastor Jim

Pastor Joshua, Jan and Linying with Pastor JimOn Sunday, December 4, we celebrated the milestones of three people in our congregation.

Pastor Joshua, our associate pastor overseeing the Mandarin ministry, is returning at the end of this month. We recognize his 15 years of service in building this ministry, and his work in discipling so many towards Jesus.

Linying Liu will be starting in January as a pastoral intern (part of her Master of Divinity Studies). She will be providing leadership for the Mandarin ministry.

Jan Thomas has been involved in MBC’s Christian Education programs as an Adult Sunday School Teacher, Holiday Club Coordinator and so much more over the last 35 years. We recognized her contributions as she completed her time as a Sunday school teacher.

We are grateful for these three individuals and their Kingdom impact for God.

Accessibility update

At our June 22nd Church Life Meeting, the congregation voted unanimously to go a head with a building development project that would make our building accessible.  The plan includes the removal of front cement stairs, dropping the front doors down to street level, making the present stairwell a greeting area, adding an extension that would house a new stairway, a lift and a doorway to the lawn.  There would also be an accessible washroom at ground level. More details to come.