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Living Hope – the First Letter of Peter

Jesus commissioned Peter to care for the people of his church. (See John 21:15-17) Peter’s letter to Christians scattered by the persecution is pastoral in tone and bold in conviction. It is a source of living hope to those facing the suffering of a broken world. (Note: all service times are at 10:30 am and are led by Rev. Jim Sanderson unless otherwise noted.)

October 24 – Christ-like Living (1 Peter 3:1-12) Peter gives advice on how to live and share our faith with others. There are lessons here for both our home and for our church families.

October 17 – Freedom (1 Peter 2:13-25) – We are continuing in the, Living Hope, series based on a study of 1 Peter. In this difficult passage, we look at the reality of unjust suffering and we learn that the path through it can bring us alongside of Jesus. It is Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec Sunday. CBOQ is the larger family of Churches that we associate with in mission and ministry. We do more together than we can do alone. This increases our ministry impact.

October 10 – Gratitude (Psalm 100) – It is Thanksgiving Sunday. Gratitude is our approach to worship. Enter his gates with thanksgiving. In the midst of this on-going pandemic, we must not lose sight of God’s blessings. Have you a word of thanks to share? Together from our scattered places, we are a community of Christ sharing Christ with our communities

October 3 – A Divine Presence (1 Peter 2:1-12) – We are reminded that the community of Christ has a special presence in the world. We are like a living temple of God where heaven and earth meet. As God’s people, we declare and demonstrate the here and coming Kingdom of God.

September 26 – Called to Holiness (1 Peter 1:13 – 2:3) – We are continuing in a new series called, Living Hope, based on a study of 1 Peter. Holiness is a hard but glorious road. Our calling is not to be happy, comfortable or safe – but to be holy because our God is holy. We’ll explore together what this means. Together from our scattered places, we are a community of Christ sharing Christ with our communities.

September 19 – Scattered Lights (1 Peter 1:1-12) We begin a new series called, Living Hope, based on a study of 1 Peter. In a world darkened by injustice, Peter encourages the scattered Christians to shine where they are with a light that cannot be extinguished.  Life’s frictions can generate a holy fire in the soul.

September 12 – Pay Attention to Jesus (Acts 4:1-22) - For any who think, Jesus is old news, pay attention.  Jesus is very much alive and active. He is not to be ignored.  This was a lesson the early opponents to the Jesus movement had to learn after they thought he was dead and buried.  This is a story of good news and hope. 

October 31 – Be Prepared – 1 Peter 3:13-22 – One never knows what life will throw at them. Is there a way to be ready? Peter helps us to prepare. 

November 7 – Living – 1 Peter 4:1-11 – Now, that’s living! People define the good life in different ways. Today we get some clarity on living well. 

November 14 – Remember the Persecuted – 1 Peter 4:12- 19 – In many places in our world it is dangerous to be a Christian. When one part of the body hurts, we all hurt. How can we stand with our brothers and sisters? 

November 21 – The Way – 1 Peter 5:1-14 – It is important to know the way. Peter’s parting words have weight to help us go forward. 

Imaginative Hope (Fall 2018)

This series draws on a body of work entitled, Imaginative Hope – Reaching and Engaging the Next Generation with the Gospel. This was the product of work done by 50 Canadian Baptist leaders from across Canada. See

We begin by overcoming ‘Seven Major Obstacles’:

  1. Neglected spiritual health and wellness.
  2. Church structures that hinder change.
  3. Lack of engagement with issues of our time.
  4. Failed intergenerational
  5. Embracing a discipleship that is failing our young people.
  6. Underestimating the transformative power of God.
  7. Embracing a consumerism culture.

September 23: Journey to “First Love” (Revelation 2) Our story is a love story. Love stories are good news and attract audiences. Be a people that loves Jesus so much that it reflects in everything we do and say. We take some time to understand what love is from the author of love.

September 30: Fall Rally and Grand Opening – A Place for All (Luke 14:15-23) After many years of preparation and fund raising, the long held dream has become a reality. The new entrance stands as a testimony to the welcome of God and his people. It testifies to God’s miraculous provision. It testifies to the courageous faith and generosity of his people. So welcome to this celebration appropriately held as part of a worship service. At the front is a table that represents a great banqueting table to which, all are invited.

October 7: Thanksgiving Overflow (2 Corinthians 4:13-18) This is a day, chosen for the season of harvest; to give thanks for all that we have received. Clearly, we especially, living in prosperity, have much for which to be grateful. In the passage we study today, we come to the treasures of our faith, and the unseen eternal gifts for which our praise of thanksgiving should overflow.

October 14: Shape Shifting (1 Corinthians 9:19-23) Shape shifters are imaginary beings that can take on new shapes or forms to fit their need or context. In such rapidly changing times are there any shifts we need to make to respond quickly and appropriately to new and morphing realities?

October 21: Next Gen? (Psalm 71) There sadly seems to be a growing gap between generations and that seems to be especially true in matters of faith. In a rapidly changing, multi-faith and complex world, how do we declare and demonstrate the good news of Jesus to those that follow. We dare not drop the torch before it is received by the next generation. “Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come.” (Psalm 71:18)

October 28: Bridge Building (Luke 10:1-24) What are the tangible expressions of the reign of Christ in our lives and in our communities? We pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Is that prayer being answered in our living and witness? Jesus sent his disciples out to declare that, “the Kingdom of God is near”. It is a message our communities need to hear and see. (Check Imaginative Hope-Opportunity 1.)

November 4: Let Them Come (Matthew 18:1-11; 19:13-15) Children hold a dear and honoured place in the heart of Christ. Jesus held children up to us as examples to learn from, as the greatest in his kingdom and as those most welcome to his presence. He warns us not to hinder them from coming to him.  How can we strengthen our mission and ministry to children?

November 11: Future Investment (Matthew 4:18-22, Acts 4:13-14, Psalm 78:4) We know that reaching the next generations is important. Jesus did so with his disciples. We’ll explore the relationship between Jesus, Peter and John and extrapolate what it means today. This venture is a most worthy investment. We will also take time to honour those who served and who serve in peace and protection services. (with Rev. Alvin Lau)

November 18: Engage Culture (Isaiah 40) We live in strange new times with change happening faster than we can keep up. God gives us his vision for the world and invites us to participate with him in the making of it. To engage culture we need a Christian mind cultivated by the Spirit and Word. The next generations especially need help with this.

November 25: Let Them Lead (1 Timothy 4:11-14, 1 Samuel 16, Esther 4:14) God calls people of all ages to serve him. There is strong support for granting responsibility to the young and helping them to grow into ministry responsibilities. We will look at the examples of some and consider our next steps. Shall we practice some imaginative hope together?

Rooted and Reaching (2018 theme)

Rooted and Reaching

The Bible often uses plants or trees to describe our relationship to God and our place in the world.  God’s people are described as a vine or as a tree.  The gospel is described as a seed.  We need to be a people well rooted in Christ and reaching out in his love.  See the following as examples.


The idea of being rooted is to have a strong and vital relationship with God through Christ.  We draw our nourishment and life from him through prayer, scripture, his indwelling Spirit and fellowship in his church.  It is about establishing our lives in Christ. We need to know God and know him well.

REACHING: (Branches)

While roots invisibly reach down to establish a plant and nourish it, the branches visibly reach out to bear fruit, give presence and provide life.  Jesus not only demonstrated and taught a strong devotional life, he also demonstrated and taught a life of loving, sacrificial service and witness.

Matthew 13:1-23  Parable of the sower.

But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.

Isaiah 37:31   Once more a remnant of the kingdom of Judah
will take root below and bear fruit above.  (Take root – bear fruit)

We’ll begin by rooting ourselves in faith, hope and love. 1 Thessalonians 1:3  We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labour prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sunday January 28: Rooted in Faith (Colossians 2:6-7) Our faith is a deep, rich and nutritious soil. We are to be well rooted on our faith. Faith is a verb and a noun so we will explore faith as a body of truth and as a practice. What does it mean for you to be a person of faith?

Devotional thought: Romans 10:17 says faith comes from hearing the message of Christ.  Are you listening?

Sunday February 4: Rooted in Hope (Hebrews 6:13-20) While hope is often seen as like the light at the end of a dark tunnel, in today’s passage it is described as an anchor. An anchor is below the surface securing us to keep us from drifting. We need to be rooted in this kind of hope. 

Devotional thought:  What gives you hope?

Sunday February 11: Rooted in Love (Ephesians 3:14-21) The Bible not only teaches love as a kind of action, it is also a kind of knowing. To know and to be held in the love of God is a desirable place to be. We will look at a prayer that invites us to be rooted and established in love. How well are you/we rooted in this kind of love?

Devotional thought: Who are the one’s whose love shaped who you are?  Do you comprehend the dimensions of God’s love?ave freedom to work in your life.

98th Anniversary Service

Join us for MBC’s 98th birthday, featuring our guest speaker Erinn Oxford (pastor of The Dale Ministries). We’ll celebrate with lunch after the service. All are welcomed!

Finding Hope in Unexpected Places (1 John 1:1-4)

Special Christmas Services and Events

Along with our services, there are other events for you to participate in the celebration of Christmas. We’d encourage you to join some of these.
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Santa Clause Parade
Date: Saturday, December 3
Time: 10:00 AM

For more information:
13th Annual Mimico by the Lake Tree Lighting
Date: Sunday, December 4
Time: 4:30 – 6 PM

Location: Mimico Square (foot of Mimico Ave & Lakeshore Blvd W)
Bring a handmade decoration for the tree.
Holidays and Hope – Candlelight Service of Remembrance.
Date: Wednesday, December 7
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Assembly Hall (Kipling and Lakeshore)
A service sponsored by Ridley Funeral Home and led by Pastor Jim Sanderson for those grieving a loss at Christmas.
Christmas in Mimico Community Carol Concert
Date: Sunday, December 11
Time: 3:00-4:00 pm
Location: Mimico Presbyterian Church (119 Mimico Ave at Royal York Ave)
Local musicians and choirs gather to celebrate Christmas with beautiful music! Join in for sing along carols and hear professional soloists. Tickets and details available soon at

Advent 2016

The Christ of Christmas:  Sometimes Christmas is shortened to Xmas. For some the X, as the first letter in the Greek of Jesus name is just a short form. For many though, the X, as in algebra represents the unknown. Over these weeks we will get acquainted with the Christ of Christmas.

November 27: Advent 1 – Hope:  Anticipation (selected texts) Welcome to the first Sunday in Advent. In Advent we prepare to receive the Christ who comes to us. The Christmas story did not come out of nowhere. It is the realization of centuries of waiting, hoping and longing. God had made promises to his people that had not yet been fulfilled. Jesus comes as the awaited pinnacle of the great story of God and our world. Jesus is our hope. 
Devotional Thought:  Is there much anticipation in your Christmas preparations?  Could what you long for be found in Christ?
(No audio recording available.)

December 4: Advent 2 – Peace:  Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:1-7) There is a verse in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures telling of the birth of a son to be called, the Prince of Peace. Jesus came as the giver of peace. In a world with still so much hatred, violence and terrorism; and a world where many suffer from stress and anxiety, we need the peace that Jesus gives. 
Devotional Thought: If there are turbulence of stress in your life invite the Prince of Peace to come and calm the troubled waters.

December 11: Advent 3 – Joy: Rejoice! (Luke 2:10) One of the great benefits and evidences of Christ is Joy. It was announced that his birth was good news of great joy. We sing, “Joy to the World.” What are the roots of this happiness? Together we will seek and enter into the joy of Christ. 
Devotional Thought: In John 15:9-11, Jesus draws a relationship between his love for us and the joy that he gives. Take a look at these verses and reflect on the completeness of your joy.
(No recording available.)

December 18: Advent 4 – Love: Cantata – Sing with the Angels! Our choir will present the Christmas story in song and word. Angels are referenced throughout the scriptures and play a major role in the story of Christ’s birth, from Gabriel’s first appearance to Zacharias, to the glorious scene of angels filling the heavens singing “Gloria in excelsis Deo”. Come join the angel song.
Devotional Thought: What is the song in your heart this Christmas? What would you like it to be?

December 24 (6:30 pm): Advent 5 – Jesus:  Christmas Eve Candlelight ServiceX-Factor (John 1:14 & 18) Sometimes Christmas is shortened to Xmas. For some the X, as the first letter in the Greek of Jesus name is just a short form. For many though, the X, as in algebra represents the unknown. This night we will get acquainted with the Christ of Christmas. Join us for this wonderful family and community service. Service is followed by Apple Cider and light refreshments. 
Devotional Thought:  What is the most important thing you know about Jesus?

December 25: Advent 5 – Jesus: Come Again (Revelation 22) The celebration of Christmas is more than just looking back at a great event of history. Christ is at work today to give us a foretaste of the future he will bring when he returns. When he comes again he will make all things right; uniting heaven and earth. “Amen. Come Lord Jesus.” This will be a service for the whole family.
Devotional Thought:  Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Advent Sermon Series 2015: Blessed Interruptions

Most of the time an interruption is an inconvenience. In these stories interruptions are a pivotal turning points. Be surprised by God this season.

November 29th – Advent 1 – Hope: A Family Gathering (Luke 1:26-56) Welcome to the first Sunday in Advent. In Advent we prepare to receive the Christ who comes to us. Over these coming weeks, we will experience together, “blessed interruptions.” The unexpected, is a reality of our Christmas season. You are invited to anticipate, and to embrace, the intrusions of the Divine. Come Lord Jesus. Today we share in the blessed interruptions of Mary’s life. A warm welcome to all. Guest performance of the Mimico Children’s Choir.

(Note: We regret some technical issues with this recording.)

Devotional Thought: As you face the busyness and glitz of the Christmas season, pay attention to the glimpses and splashes of grace.  These interruptions that break through the noise may be God reaching out to you.

December 6th – Advent 2 – Peace: Joseph has a Dream (Matthew 1:18-25) Joseph was looking forward to his coming married life with his sweetheart Mary. They had spoken of their coming life together and how they dreamed it would unfold before them. They had it all mapped out and then some angels came and messed things up.

Devotional Thought: We all have our dreams of what we want or hope for.  Are you prepared to have God plant an even greater dream for your life? What might be God’s dream for you?  Are you open to receive it?

December 13th – Advent 3 – Joy: Christmas Cantata by our Choir. Emmanuel – God with us. Christmas is the season when we want to be with those who matter to us – family and friends. It is a time too when we miss those who are not with us. Into our laughter and our longings comes Jesus – Emmanuel – God is with us.

Devotional Thought: God invites his people to courage and action, with the assurance that he is with them. This promise of God was brought closer with the coming of Christ- Emmanuel. Jesus and you – a call to courageous action. How will that find expression in your life?

December 20th – Advent 4 – Love : Angels in the Fields (Luke 2:8-20) Not much ever happens when you are out in the fields at night watching the sheep. Fighting the need for sleep and the occasional predator are about as exciting as it gets. We all know about routine and tedium. Not this night. This is a night that would become

Devotional Thought: The shepherds were drawn from the dull, tedious routines of their night watch to an awakened world of wonder, joy and God with us. Answer the joyous angelic proclamation and come to worship the Saviour King.

December 24th, 6:30pm – Advent 5 – Jesus: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service A Gift of God (Luke 2:9 – 14; John 1:14) What is the best gift you could receive? What is at the top of your wish list? How about, what is the greatest gift you could give? On the first Christmas, a colossal gift, poorly wrapped in the tiniest of packages, would change the world. Join us for this wonderful family and community service.

Devotional Thought: Remember God’s gift of himself to you as you open and enjoy the gifts of your family. How will you celebrate and appreciate the coming of Jesus to you and your Christmas?

December 27th – Flight to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-18) The story of Christmas also reminds us that Jesus was born into a broken and sometimes dangerous world. Shortly after his birth his family would be forced to flee. They would be refugees to Egypt. In a world of millions of displaced people we come to the one who helps the lost to a new home.

(Note: We apologize for some technical difficulties with this recording.)

Devotional Thought: The Mimico Refugee Response is a wonderful way for you to help welcome a family fleeing crisis. Go to the link on our church web site to see the ways you can participate.

Season of Advent: preparing for the coming of Jesus

November 30th “Advent 1 – Hope: John’s Birth Announcement” (Luke 1:1-25) Today is the first Sunday in Advent. Advent means, coming, and gives us a time to prepare and reflect on the coming of Jesus. Do you remember that before the miraculous birth of Christ there was a related but different miraculous birth? The announcement and circumstances of John’s birth make for a dramatic story. We enter into the mystery together.

December 7th “Advent 2 – Peace: John’s Birth” (Luke 1:57 – 86) John is born to be a prophet after a long period of silence. It had been hundreds of years since the last prophet and now the voice of one promised of old. John’s father too would speak after 9 months of not being able to. What comes to us out of long waiting and reflection is worth paying attention to. The news is gloriously good.

December 14th “Advent 3 – Joy” Christmas Cantata by our Choir – Were You There on That Christmas Night? And message – “Jesus Birth” Announcement (Luke 1:26 – 56) It must have been terrifying and wonderful at the same time. An angel, Gabriel appears to a young woman to tell her that she is going to give birth to the Son of God – the Messiah. It is a moment of wonder and the miraculous. Young Mary gives us a song in response. Come share in the wonder of it all.

December 21st “Advent 4 – Love : Jesus’ Birth” (Luke 2:1-7) An event so significant and yet so simple. Given to us with few words and a minimum of detail and in only one account this story has been told again and again for hundreds of years. A story that received minimal attention at the time is now a global celebration. Jesus is born.

December 24th (6:30pm Christmas Eve Candlelight Service) “Advent 5 –  Jesus’ Birthday Party” (Luke 2:8 – 20) After Jesus birth the invitations were carefully prepared and sent. The turning point of history and only a select few are in on the time and place. Tonight – you are among them. Join some shepherds and Eastern Mystics for Jesus’ birthday party. Join us for this wonderful family and community service. Service is followed by Apple Cider and light refreshments

December 28th “Jesus childhood” (Luke 2:21 – 52) It is really only Luke who gives us a small window into Jesus’ childhood. We have his presentation at the Temple when he was eight days old and his appearance again at the Temple when he was 12 years old. The rest of his childhood is summed up in a sentence or two. But though the window that Luke gives us there is much and more to see. Guest speaker Pastor Pamela Fitkin.