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Summer Services 2017

July 2: “Walking the Waves” (John 6:16-24) with Pastor Jim

July 9: The composer of “Abide with Me” wrote a line many of us can relate to. “Change and decay in all around I see.” In our world we see changes happening so quickly and constantly. Some change is good: but at the same time, we need things in our lives that are permanent, that we can count on. In Malachi 3 :6, God says, “I am the Lord, I change not.” We will look at what that means for us. With Jan Thomas (our Choir Director and author of two books)
Devotional thought: What things about God’s unchanging nature do I appreciate most?  What changes has God performed in my life?

July 16: “Keep Building” (Haggai 1) Atrophy can be defined as “gradually decline in effectiveness or vigor due to underuse or neglect”. Summer can sometimes lead towards spiritual atrophy. This morning, we join the Israelites in Haggai’s call towards atrophy. May we respond as they did. With Alvin Lau

Devotional thought: What’s one practice you learned in the last couple of months that you need to keep building on?

July 23: “Good Ol’ Days .. Days to Come” (Haggai 2) Do you remember the good ol’ days? How does it compare to the present? Sometimes, we look back with fondness to what happened before. We may even lament why it isn’t like that now. We’ll continue with Haggai and the return of the Israelites and see what God’s word to them was … and is for us today. 

Devotional thought: How do you think God will continue to spur you forward? (What do you need to be involved)?

July 30: “Missing the Point” (John 6:25-70) with Pastor Jim

August 6: “The Real Showbread” (John 6:35) Bread is a significant part of our Christian understanding. In the NIV
Bible, it shows up 271 times. Let’s explore the richness of what Jesus meant when he said he’s the bread of life. With
 Alvin Lau

August 13: “Still Looking” (John 7) with Pastor Jim

August 20: “Trapped?” (John 8:1-11) with Pastor Jim

August 27: “Ancient Paths” (Jeremiah 6:16) Holiday Club Service with Pastor Jim

September 3: “Remember These” (Joshua 3-4) “Do you remember …” To reminisce is to recall what’s happened
before. Around your home, you probably have pictures or other memorabilia that bring back fond memories (and maybe some not-so-fond ones). We’ll look at an event in Israel’s history, and explore how God cements that specific point in time for generations to come (and why). With
 Alvin Lau

Devotional thought: What helps you to remember God’s faithfulness and promises? (Be specific as you list them.)

Summer Sermon Series

Note: All church services begin at 10:00 am.
You are invited to the following services offered this summer. This is a season for rest and renewal for many and regular worship is an important part. There is a children’s program during the church service. God bless you – have a great summer.
*NEW* We have included a weekly devotional reading and thought for those unavailable to join a worship service.

July 5th with Pastor Jim (2 Corinthians 1:3-11) Hardship We have been looking at the resources our Lord equips us with. We have been calling it our toolbox. This tool we might rather leave in the box. In this sermon, we grapple with the ministry opportunities and even blessings of hardship. We certainly do not seek hardship but when it comes to you; look for the grace of our Lord bringing comfort and strength. We so often come out stronger on the other side.
Devotional thought: Read sermon text above and consider the place of hardships in your faith journey.  Have you been helped or hurt?  Have you met Christ in the midst of the trouble helping you through?

July 12th with Rev. Alvin Lau (Romans 3:24 and Luke 14:25-33) The Paradox of Salvation? – Paradoxes are moments when 2 seemingly contradicting statements exist together. Often they happen when one of our presumptions are inaccurate. Jesus offers us the gift of salvation and yet it seems it’s not really free. We’ll explore this paradox.
Devotional thought: Read sermon text above and consider how the gift of salvation impacts the way you live.

July 19th with Jan Thomas (I Kings 19: 1-13) Places of the Soul – Although all Scriptural events happened in real places in history, these places have also come to take on metaphoric qualities. We speak of “mountain top experiences” and “the valley of sorrow” or of feeling like we’re in an emotional dessert. We’ll look at these “places of the soul” and what they can teach us about our relationship with God.
Devotional thought: Read sermon text above and consider: Where has your soul been lately? Have you been on a mountaintop high? a valley of sorrow? a desert of dryness? or safe in the Rock? What can we learn from these places?

July 26th with Rev. Alvin Lau (Hebrews 11:1 and the Apostles Creed) The Result of Belief – It’s been said that what we believe shapes what we do. So what do we as Christians believe? How do these beliefs impact our every day lives? We’ll explore this relationship together.
Devotional thought: Read Hebrews 11:1 and the Apostle’s Creed, and consider your own beliefs. How do they influence your actions? (What do your actions suggest you believe?)

August 2nd, with Pastor Jim (Revelation 4-7, 21-22 – selected verses) The Future – The last book in the Bible is one that leaves us with hope and anticipation.  The Revelation of John is a great gift to Jesus’ disciples.  We are given a glimpse of heaven, heaven on earth and the future.  This vision carried and carries the Church through the hard times.  Come let us celebrate.
Devotional thought: Read sermon texts above and consider the future assured to us and enter into the hope that gives you.  Will you pray? – “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.”

August 9th with Rev. Alvin Lau (1 Peter) Burn Away … For Good – Trials are not a fun part of life. Yet it is through trials that we learn “what we’re made of”. In Peter’s first letter to churches in Asia Minor, he unpacks why we go through trials and offers practical ways to handle it with Jesus as the foundation. We’ll explore Peter’s letter together.
Devotional thought: Read 1 Peter. What trials are you facing? If you are or aren’t, what’s the reason behind that? If you are, how can they help move you forward?

August 16th with Rev. Alvin Lau (2 Peter) Keep Looking Forward – Our last words demonstrate what’s the most important part of us. It reveals what’s foundational and our last impression to the next generation. In Peter’s second and final letter to the churches in Asia Minor, he leaves what essentially are his last words. We’ll discover his last impression to the generations that followed him.
Devotional thought: Read 2 Peter. How you would summarize Peter’s last words? What would yours be?

August 23rd with Pastor Jim (Mark 6:30-44) They’re Coming! – The feeding of a large crowd is both a challenge and an opportunity. We’ll see how Jesus and his disciples were able to send the crowd on their way satisfied.
Devotional thought: Read sermon text above and consider times when you were given opportunity to feed someone or to share your faith and didn’t feel up to it. Remember this story of Jesus miracle made possible in the perhaps tentative obedience of his disciples next time an opportunity comes your way.

August 30th with Pastor Jim (Psalm 62: & Esther 4:14) Just in Time – We have been travelling around in time this week at Holiday Club. Our theme was Time Travel – Trust in Him at all Times.
Devotional thought: Read sermon text above and consider that we all live in time.  Good times and bad times.  In the midst of whatever time we are called to trust and to seize the moments of opportunity.

September 6th with Pastor Jim (Luke 24:36-53) Commissioned – All four of the gospels end with Jesus commissioning the disciples for service. On Tuesday our students will be going back to school – and so will all the educators of our church.  We all will get back into the full rhythms of Church Life. Let us do so with the blessing of Christ. It is an exciting time of possibilities.
Devotional thought: Read sermon text above and consider what it means for you to be a commissioned servant of Christ in the place that you live, study or work.

September 13 (Romans 1:16) “The Gospel” – We are reminded of the gospel. This treasure entrusted to us, is to live and share.  It is at the heart of who we are, and what we do. The gospel is powerful, loving and life giving – good news. Receive it, embrace it and share it.

Mustard Seeds

Series dates: May 24 to June 28, 2015

We will be using Jan Thomas’ new book, Mustard Seeds: Significant Small Things of Scripture, as the basis of a study of small but important objects, details of stories, and people in the Bible.  If you know the Bible well, this may introduce you to some new people and concepts. If the Bible is new to you, this is an interesting way into it. There is no need to buy the book to take part in the study – copies of the chapters will be handed out.

All are welcome!