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Advent 2018: Mary’s View of Christmas

Advent 2018: Mary’s View of Christmas

We are going to come to the Christmas passages from a different vantage point to get some new perspectives on this history changing event. We are going to take Mary’s view of the story. As a very central character in this story she brings some very human and personal insight. Mary was contemplative yet bold as she entered the new reality God was creating for her and for us.

December 2 –  Hope – Highly Favoured? (Luke 1:26-38, Matthew 1:18-25) Mary has a surprise close encounter of the Heavenly kind. She is the recipient of life altering news. How do you respond to the call of God on your life? Saying yes to God can be the beginning of a glorious adventure.

December 9 – Peace – Kindred Spirits (Luke 1: 46-55) We are going to come to the Christmas passages from a different vantage point to get some new perspectives on this history-changing event. We are going to take Mary’s view of the story. Mary has to come to grips with her unique calling. Who better to go to for affirmation, understanding and encouragement than someone who shares your experience?  Mary visits Elizabeth to share together in their mutual experiences of a divine pregnancy. They learn and share some valuable lessons in grace together. Who has God given to you as the voice of encouragement?

December 16 – Joy – Cantata – The Glory of Christmas – Celebrating Christ’s Birth – Anguish gives way to joy as the ancient promises find fulfillment. Enter into the hope, wonder, mystery and majesty of the coming of Christ. A celebration in word and song.

December 23 – Love – Mary and Matters of the Heart (Luke 2: 1-20) In the midst of the extraordinary events of Jesus birth, one wonders what went on in Mary’s heart and mind. It would be in pondering the experiences that she would see the gracious hand of God at work. Take some time to reflect on the story of Christ’s birth and to your place in the story.

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December 24 (6:30 pm) – Christmas Eve Family Candlelight Service – Christ – Mary’s View of Christmas (selected Scriptures) This is a community engaging and family friendly service followed by light refreshments. A change in one’s vantage point can shed new light on the familiar. We look at Christmas through the eyes and experience of Mary. From what vantage point do you view this most incredible story? 

December 30 – Voices of Old (Luke 2:21-40) Going to the Temple to do what the law requires Mary and Joseph encounter some elderly prophets with much to say about their baby, Jesus. There is good news and bad news. They had to be prepared for both in faithfulness to their call.

January 6 – Epiphany – Christmas Gifts (Matthew 2:1-12) People sometimes spend an extraordinary amount of time and money to find the perfect gift. The Magi, the first Christmas gift givers, are a wonderful example for the world. Mary not only receives gifts but also has quite a special one to share.

Children’s Church: December 2016

This month’s teachers are Jan O’Hearn and Andrew O’Brien.

December 4: Zechariah and Elizabeth (Luke 1:69) God Talk handout

December 11: Mary, Mother of Jesus (Philippians 2:3b-8) God Talk handout

December 18: Joseph and the Trip to Bethlehem (Isaiah 58:11a) God Talk handout

December 25: Shepherds Point to Jesus (Philippains 2:6-7) God Talk handout