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Easter 2017

April 2: Sunday is a Comin’ (John 5:16-30) Jesus talks to his persecutors to try and help them understand that they are witnessing the greatest moment of history. God was doing something amazing in their midst and they were missing it. Jesus speaks of renewal and life as he alludes to the resurrection. What is the message for us as we approach the celebration of Easter? 
Devotional Thought: Have you considered that some of the hardest things to believe about Jesus seem to be among the most important and wonderful? 

April 9: Palm Sunday – Your King has Come (John 12:12-19) A week before Jesus was to die he rides humbly into Jerusalem on a donkey. The people greeted him with waving palm branches and shouts of praise. Their King had come. Today in our worship we honour Jesus as our King and invite others to join the celebration. “Look, the whole world has gone after him.” We are pleased to welcome the Mimico Children’s Choir and their families.   
Devotional Thought: How do you show your allegiance to the King?

April 16: Easter Sunday will be a glorious celebration of the resurrection of Christ and the promise of a new world. Our choir will present a cantata, Lift High the Cross, by Lloyd Lawson. It is an invitation to take the journey of faith. It is a powerful message filled with hope. “Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim till all the world adore his sacred name.”

Devotional Thought: Consider that the cross took on life giving significance after the resurrection. Before that is was a sign of death and horror. What does the cross of Christ mean to you?

The Gospel According to Luke – Holy Week (2015)

Our journey through the Gospel of Luke takes us into the climax of the book. Together, this series digs into the final week of Jesus’ time on earth.
March 29th, 11:00 – Palm Sunday Luke 19:28-48 – Jesus Wept – Though Jesus was received and celebrated by some as he approached Jerusalem he is moved to tears at the sight of the city.  The depth of the compassion Jesus has for a people not embracing their Saviour is something that should grip our own hearts.  How is Jesus being received in our own city.
April 3rd, 10:30 – Good Friday Service – A community service for area churches this year hosted by our church.  Details to follow.
April 5th, 11:00 – Easter SundayCantata and brief message – Luke 24 selected verses – Companion – One of the great stories of Easter is the one about Jesus coming along side some people walking along a road.  Jesus speaks to them about the promises of Scripture and the longings of people’s heart.  He tells how Jesus fulfilled them.  The risen Lord still comes along side as our companion on the journey.