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Summer 2021 Services

Services begin at 10:30 am and are led by Rev. Jim Sanderson unless otherwise noted.

September 5 – Paul Meets Jesus (Acts 9:1-19) Paul has a surprise encounter with Jesus that completely ruins his plans but transforms his life.  He will remember this event as an example of God’s grace.  Jesus sometimes surprises us.

August 29 – Peter’s Sermon on Jesus (Acts 2:14-41) Peter’s first sermon led to thousands of people following Jesus. He used a number of Old Testament passages as his text. We are told that the people were cut to the heart when they realized they had crucified their Messiah. What is it about the Gospel that is so powerful? 

August 22 – Waiting While Losing (Psalm 27:13-14) – This service follows our annual Holiday Club. We dove into the story of David and Goliath to understand how God can empower those who don’t feel or look like champions to be victorious for Jesus. That’s great news! We also know there are times when we don’t feel victorious at all. What happens when you don’t feel like you’re winning? We’ll look at one of David’s psalms today. by Rev. Alvin Lau

August 15 – Introducing David (1 Samuel 16:1-13) Our annual Holiday Club is about to start. Our theme this year: The Underdog Olympics – An Unexpected Champion. The focus will be on the story of David and Goliath. But who exactly was David? We’ll be introduced to him through Scripture.

August 8 – Son of Man (Daniel 7:13; Matthew 26:64; Revelation 14:14) While we usually refer to Jesus as the Christ or the Messiah, the name Jesus most usually used for himself was, Son of Man. Other names we use for Jesus are, the Son of God, or the Lord. Son of Man seems to emphasize his humanity. We need to look at the use of this term by the Old Testament prophet Daniel to understand its fuller significance. 

August 1 – Pass It On Always (Psalm 78:1-8) The Next Generation. We focus a lot on children and youth, saying they are the future. However, Scripture reminds us they are the now with us. As part of their growth, it is our responsibility to pass on the truths of God to them, no matter how old we are. We’ll dive deeper into this mandate in how it looks today. (by Alvin Lau) We also celebrate the baptisms of Tom, Dina and Amy. Join us as we celebrate communion together as well.

July 25 – What is Love? (John 15:12-13, Matthew 22:37-40) Love in the English language is a very broad term. We use it for trivial things like “I love chips” to those who have deepest significance like “I love my spouse”. Sometimes, we also misunderstand what exactly it means to love someone. Today, we’ll delve into 2 key teachings Jesus had about defining what is love. (by Alvin Lau) 

July 18 – CBM Sunday: Active in Mission – During the week of July 18-25, we invite you to get Active in Mission and make a difference this summer. Gather your friends and family and join other participants around the country and Walk-Run-Bike for Education. The UN identifies educational access as a human right. It is one of the single most effective tools to combat poverty. In many of the communities where CBM works, marginalized children lack access to education. A child without access to educational opportunities loses the ability to hope for a better future for themselves and their families.  However, your walking shoes can make strides toward change! Your bike can roll on to address these challenges! Skipping rope can bring hope! In this service we will learn more about the vital work of CBM and how we can actively support it. 

July 11 – Fisher of Men (Luke 5:1-11) Jesus is the Fisher of men, who revealed Himself to us and called us to follow Him.  When we can take a small action of obedience with faith, the Lord will transform it to incredible blessings for us and others. We should also be fishers of men for Jesus according to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).(sermon by Peter Qi)

July 4 – Lord of Creation (John 1:1-5; Colossians 1:15-20) Jesus has a unique relationship with creation. With the number of references to nature in his teaching and stories one has to believe he is a nature lover. But of course he is more. He is the Lord of Creation. This gives us both hope and responsibility. 

Why? Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians (January-April 2016)

Why? It is a good question and begins many an exploration of discovery. In the book of Ephesians we will discover rich answers to this question as it relates to life and faith. We will learn of God’s purpose for the church that will enlarge our understanding of the vital and universal impact of this Christ family.

There is a unique relevance of this book to our time and place. Ephesians in its day had much in common with our city. It was a place of ideas, cultures, commerce, temples, theatres and stadiums. This letter speaks to all that is new in Christ. Come along for the journey of discovery.

Sunday, January 10th Bringing it all together (Ephesians 1:1-10) In the opening verses of this great letter we are immersed in and awed by the grand purposes of the Creator. We learn of identity, purpose and plans, all of which are to bring together what has been torn apart. Central to this rescue and renewal is Jesus.

Devotional thought: What impact do God’s purposes have on the goals you have set for your life?

Sunday, January 17th Included (Ephesians 1:11-14) The staggering implications of today’s text make it hard to believe that they could be addressed to us. Christ draws us into the glorious purposes of God. How does one get in on this remarkable adventure?

Devotional thought: What are the ways that you identify yourself? What significance do you give to your relationship to Christ?

(Audio recording not available.)

Sunday, January 31st Prayer for Enlightenment (Ephesians 1:15- 23) This is a most necessary prayer. We need help to comprehend the utter magnitude of all that is ours and all that is possible in Christ. This prayer takes us to a higher vantage point to better see the grand scale of God’s mission.

Devotional thought: Are you prepared to see in new ways and to make this prayer your own?

Sunday, February 7th The Waking Dead (Ephesians 2:1-10) There is a level of life that is only found in Christ. By comparison to this abundant aliveness in Christ others are the walking dead. Paul uses such dramatic language to describe the awakening power of the gospel of Jesus. This is about grace – amazing grace. “I once was lost but now I’m found, t’was blind but now I see.” Come let us taste and see that the Lord is good.

Devotional thought: On a lost and found scale where would you place yourself?

Sunday, February 14th Tear down the Walls (Ephesians 2:11-22) It is tough to be excluded and to be on the outside or far away. In destroying the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, Christ brings together a new humanity of unity and peace.

Devotional thought: Are there any walls that need to come down in any of your relationships? Will you pray for Christ’s reconciling work of forgiveness, grace and reconciliation?\

Sunday, February 21st Mystery (Ephesians 3:1-13) When we can get a window through which we are better able to see we take a look. Paul opens a window on some mysteries and grants us a good view. Come explore the mysteries of Christ.

Devotional thought: Take some time to ponder with wonder at the mysteries of our world and of the mercies of God.

Sunday, February 28th Prayer for Empowerment (Ephesians 3:14-21) This prayer stretches and reaches beyond our sight and grasp. The realm of life is much larger than it looks and this prayer helps us into a larger dimension of faith and love.

Devotional thought: Consider that Christ can “do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” Are your prayers and dreams big enough?

Sunday, March 6th Implications (Ephesians 4:1-16) With great privilege comes responsibility. Paul urges response and action. We all have a part in preparing God’s people for service and building up the body of Christ.

Devotional thought: The body of Christ – the church, builds itself up in love as each one does their part. Consider your contribution to the health of our Christ community. We are all lifted and blessed in different ways.

Sunday, March 13th Come over to the Light side (Ephesians 4:17-5:20) In Christ we are made new. Today’s text helps us to understand in very practical terms what this means for our lives and living. We have to make wisely considered choices.

Devotional thought: If your positive actions and qualities are light and your negative actions and qualities are dark, where would you place yourself on the grey scale. Will you ask Christ to brighten your life?”

Sunday, April 3rd Faith at home and Work (Ephesians 5:21 – 6:9) What does allegiance to Jesus look like in the home and workplace? Paul, quite literally ‘brings home’ in very practical teaching, what being a Christian means in our day to day relationships. Paul also throws some light on the relationship of Christ and his Church. I hope you are at home and work with Jesus.

Devotional thought: TBA

Sunday, April 10th Equipped and Ready (Ephesians 6:10-24) Time to put on your equipment. Paul likens our Christian life in this world to be as a struggle for which we will need some protective equipment. We are introduced to the armour of God. We get dressed for service.

Devotional thought: TBA